Thursday, January 5, 2012

Always crap on TV....

but here is something very interesting and i want to share it.
This is for those who dont have that luck to watch us-tv channels live or the SPEED Channel.So what i love was Stacy David's tv show GEARZ is you have all those question that you come across your mind in your garage by building a project that Stacy David always have a good solution.He has always something interesting in his show for us knuckleheads.

So i tried to find a way out to watch his show in good old Luxemburg .I had 2 option buy his DVD's or watch it on youtube.Well youtube was the one.
It is a little bit complicated to watch all off them from the biginning,but here a way you can try on youtube.

For example: [S5 Ep.11-4]

S5 is the season 5
Ep.11 is the 11 episode
4 is the 4part of the 11 episode

Hope you enjoy it

Here is one of those many

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