Thursday, September 29, 2011


Here some other cars already cleaned in the acid dip.

These cars are still waiting for there bath.

This is a sand blasting cab.

The bath can also turn in the wrong way.This is what will be left after after the acid of the 356 Porsche.

kHere is the bath,this Porsche is finished.

This one looked good with the paint.The costumer spend a lot of money to buy the car.After the cleaning not one piece of metal was straight or in one piece.Rust holes in every parts.


It was a great day.Dan , Marc , Gab and my self we drove down to Germany to pick up the up his 52 Ford COE.The cab was going to an acid dip.
Here is the COE of Dan in unrestored condition.

This is how we get it back.It looked like fresh from the Ford factory press.Best way to get the rust,paint of the metal.

This is how a happy COE owner looks like.

Oohh that good old Bronce.

Thanks for that cool day,bro's

Great shot

Coca Cola Coe

When i removed the seats of my 41 COE i found a ticket , that will give me the date of costumizing the military truck into affical Coca Cola truck back in the 60's.
How cool is this?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

how cool is that

I know its an hot rod web site ,but this was stronger than me ; ))

Check his website,i love the old T1

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RHYTHEM RIOT 18-21st November 2011

Barris Custom Car Show & Expo
See the cars… And meet the man… At another unique
Rhythm Riot exhibition… Marvel at an array of amazing
and historic show cars, displayed together for the very first time…
and meet the legend himself.
George Barris, ‘King of The Kustomizers’, will be making
a UK exclusive appearance alongside his creation, ‘Alvin’s Acorn’,
and several other crazy machines, including ‘Sidewinder’,
‘The Sand Draggin’ and the incredible 6-engined ‘Snakepit’.
View a display of rare period photographs, memorabilia,
toys and film shows.
Relax in the chill-out lounge and watch custom artists at work.
Wanna display your Barris memorabilia?
Wanna show the world your artwork?
Call or email us with your ideas. Like wow, daddyo!
1with live pinstriping by XIII
click ‘Shopping & Style’ for more info
Kindly supported by...
JACK HAMMER hot rod & Kustom supply
2        3

Some nice patina Ford Pick Up's